Luca Caniato

Meet Luca Caniato

 We are pleased to have Luca Caniato join our Acorn Hills Team. A high-schooler, he is renowned for his handmade fishing flies and love for the outdoors! 

“I love everything outdoors. When I’m not exploring through snowy woods, summer lakes, or small streams I am playing soccer, spending time with friends and family, or studying. I fell in love with the outdoors through my passion of fishing. As I began to explore new water, I found myself surrounded in beautiful scenery. The world around us is truly a gift and I’m so grateful to have the freedom to experience it to its fullest. Our planet is everything that we could ask for and then some. With that said, it is important that we take time to appreciate it and take care of it.”

Thank you Luca for joining our team and being a role model for your peers!


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