Purely Shanked

Meet Purely Shanked

A friendship 15 years in the making,  AJ and Steve met on the basketball courts at Drexel University back in 2007. Bonding over their love of basketball, Tiger Woods and the music of the mid-2000s, they became fast and inseparable friends. While AJ went to medical school and Steve went into advertising, that wouldn’t stop their love of golf. From spring through fall, year after year, they would meet each other at courses halfway from wherever they lived to get a quick round of 18. Most of their time spent outdoors is on the course. They have come to appreciate and enjoy how different golf architects view nature and plot courses while maintaining the beauty of the land. With both of them now fathers and at very similar life stages, golf has become a way for them to bond over life events and that... they still might have a chance at the Champions Tour if they try hard enough.

Puring shots, with their fair share of shanks, brought their brand, Purely Shanked, to life. “We really appreciate the effort to preserve and better the environment made by Acorn Hills (the high quality apparel is also a nice bonus) and we’ll do our small part by always replacing our divots and fixing ball marks. We’re ready to grow with Acorn Hills!”

It is a pleasure to have AJ and Steve join the Acorn Hills team!

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