Our Story

Our Story:

Acorn Hills Clothing Company was created by a college sophomore who loved both the outdoors and looking good.  The company, although very small at first, set out to provide premium clothing products. Although similar to other big brands, we provided these products for a fraction of the price. However clothing is only a small part of what we stand for .  Along with this,  Acorn Hills focuses on giving back to its community by taking the initiative to help revitalize forests and areas of land that fill this great place we call earth. With a percentage of our sales donated to charities and organizations such as the National Forest Foundation and others that align with these goals.  By providing things such as biodegradable packaging, and plantable clothing tags, we pay homage to our acorn logo by practicing what we preach.  By also planting acorns every year to help replenish trees in nature, we continue to make a positive change for the outdoors, no matter how small.  People have asked, "why choose clothing?"  It's simple really,  when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good...you DO GOOD!  We just help you get there.