Bud Copeland (This Bud's Fore You Podcast)

Meet Bud Copeland

Founder of the This Bud is Fore You podcast

Bud grew up in the south where he was spoiled playing year-round golf. A self-taught stick with a hack brain, Bud left the comfort of Florida for the beauty of Maine and the changes in golf that followed. After growing comfortable with hitting a lot of irons off the tee and golf courses shutting down half the year, Bud has made peace with the cyclical nature of golf in New England. 
If not on a golf course (or at a golf simulator), you'll find Bud in a hammock pre or post hike. 

Bud now lives in Salem, MA (Witch City, USA) with his wife, daughter, and dog, Miller. He is the sole Y chromosome in the house, believes we did land on the moon, and strongly advocates for walk-up music on the first and eighteenth tees.


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