Get in the Hole (Underground Sports Philidelphia)

Meet Get in the Hole

 Created in 2021 as the COVID-19 Pandemic raged and golf participation hit an all-time high, Get In The Hole was designed for the golf fans looking for news and analysis from the perspective of both the Pro (Ben) and the Joe (Steve).
Steven McAvoy, a journalist and 14-handicapper from Long Island, NY, has been playing golf since he was 10, and grew a passion for the game since the pandemic. Ben Pirro, a Xavier University Men’s golf alumni, already holds various amateur accolades, and as of 2022, has taken his game to the next level professionally.
Fueled by their knowledge and passion for the game, Ben and Steve give their viewers an energetic and engaging look into the golf world each week with exclusive interviews, and providing news, betting, course and player analysis for every event on the PGA Tour and beyond.
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