Lee and Rob (The Shank and Duff Show)

Meet Lee and Rob

 Two brothers a year and a half apart in age. Both who love golf and being outdoors.

Rob(aka Duff) the older brother is a bad a$$ golfer with MS and is just out here killing it and having fun. You think golf is hard, ha try having MS and not being able to stand or walk well. But for the love of the game, he does it and has a blast with a great attitude.

Lee (aka Shank) the younger but taller brother owns and operates his own custom wedge business and has his own line of wedges used to play on the Golfweek Tour and played good for a while, but now just wants to be out there having a great time with great people and enjoying and growing the

Shank flew out to Oregon and drove Duff across the country to have him closer (South Carolina) and to always have someone to golf with. "We started our YouTube channel “The Shank and Duff Show” to show you do not have to play well to have a great time being outside and just enjoying outdoor life
with friends and family."

"Whether we are hitting shanks or duffs or the accidental pure shot we will being doing it with the honor of supporting and aiding in growing the Acorn Hills brand while wearing quality clothing items." Because if you look good, you will feel good and then you will do good. Not to mention the plantable clothing tags to grow flowers and help create a better tomorrow for those that come behind us.

Well Shank and Duff , we are honored for you both to join our team!!!

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