Ryan Heim

Meet Ryan Heim


Ryan is currently a high school biology teacher as well as an Envirothon coach.  Ryan fell in love with nature as a kid, mainly through a lot of time spent fishing.  "As a young kid I also took my parents hand-me-down point and shoot camera with me.  I have an album of blurry nature photos from my childhood.  As I got older, I stopped taking the camera with me but I still loved nature, so I decided to pursue a biology degree and that led me to teaching."  A few years ago, Ryan volunteered as a mentor for a Wildlife Leadership Academy program and during the course of that we had a workshop on nature photography and he once again fell in love with it!  "That workshop motivated me to return to photography." says Heim, " So, I purchased a nice camera and began a journey to show everyone the beauty of the outdoors." Ryan looks to foster an interest in learning about and preserving our natural environments both in his students and in adults!

We are so happy to have Ryan on our team!!!

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