Vintyge Visuals

Meet Vintyge Visuals



We very honored to have the talented, Vintyge Visuals be apart of our team!  The Boston born, now Oregon native because of his company, is an amazing talent.  Vintyge, a nickname and a tribute to his name “Ty”, Currently is pursuing a degree in Environmental Science. As an avid hiker and outdoorsman, the outdoors provide a blank-like canvas for his imagination to come alive!  

"It all becomes what you imagine. What started out as a hobby, turned into a lifestyle. To believe in something means to sacrifice everything for it to become true. Vintyge wasn't designed to only become labeled as a business in the world of photography, It was created to become a believer. To trust in yourself. Whatever your talent is, whatever it is that makes you live for another day, never lose that creative spark in you. Have hope in the process because the process is the greatest part. Start that journey” -Vintyge Visuals

We are very happy to have you apart of the Acorn Hills Team! Keep doing great things! 

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