Max Kettler

Meet Max Kettler

We are ecstatic to announce that the renowned golf coach, Max Kettler , has joined our team!

Growing up in Southlake, TX, Max Kettler has always been considered a teacher. Whether it was helping teammates eliminate their slice or helping classmates understand math concepts, Max always seemed to be everyone’s go-to guy for instruction. His passion for teaching and commitment to helping others succeed is what makes Max one of the most respected golfers and coaches in North Texas. As a 6A State Champion golfer when he was a highschooler, Max went on to continue his golf career at Louisiana Tech University.

Max’s high playing and teaching ability inspired him to search out top teachers to help him with his own craft. As a player, Max worked with three teachers, all ranked in Golf Digest: Jeff Isler, Devan Bonebrake, and Joey Wuertemberger. The level of education Max received as a player gave him a massive advantage for when it was time for him to transition into coaching. His thirst for knowledge did not stop since becoming a coach, as he has been mentored by some of the top teachers in the game today: Cameron McCormick, Randy Smith, Martin Chuck, Andrew Lewis, Nick Dunn, Dr. Kwon, Jonathan Buchanan, Joey Anders, Rick Woodson, Jeff Barton, Mike McGraw, Paige Martin and many more still to come! It was while learning under these teachers that Max’s philosophy was redefined. 

Right now, from his home base at Cowboys Golf Club in Grapevine, TX, Max continues to teach golfers of all levels, is holding students accountable to their practice plans, and is contacting the brightest minds in golf coaching trying to learn just a little bit more. For Max, it is a quest to become one of golf’s greatest teachers, and to grow what he calls the MAXimized Golf Community.

On top of all of this Max is an avid hiker and environmentalist.  We are so proud of everything you do, Max!

We are thrilled to have Max join the Acorn Hills family!