Coeli Ingold

Meet Coeli Ingold


 As a career musician all her life, when the Covid-19 pandemic grasped the world in 2019, live music-making came to a screeching halt. This was devastating to most classical musicians, but she quickly found a replacement for her creative energies through wildlife photography.  She rediscovered and reinvented herself through quiet time with nature.  

As a wildlife photographer,  she has a passion for capturing bird and animal behavior, feather detail, and animal personality. "The cycle of life holds special interest for me." says Ingold

"My artistic process has three steps.  The first is searching for and shooting the subject. The second is creating the artwork through the developing and editing the image. The third and final step is the most important  - sharing the artwork with others. I derive joy, calmness and centeredness from the first two. The third step, though, is for others and this is why I want to be an ambassador of Acorn Hills!  The opportunity to reach a wide group of nature-minded patrons, combined with Acorn Hills’ partnership with the National Forest Foundation’s Sapling Program, makes this ambassadorship truly exciting for me!"

It is pleasure to have Coeli apart of the our team!

*Her Recent honors include: Photographer of the Year Award 2022 for The Universe of Colour Photography and the Top Nine of 2022 for Best Of The Buckeye State

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